Rona Philpott

Helloooo! Welcome to my photo viewing site - Please enjoy - I will be adding more galleries and more photos all the time! If you are interested in purchasing please contact me direct - - you can also get to me from my website -

Please enjoy - If you are the subject with a special event and need a password to your photos, contact me for the password.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SCREENSHOT, TAKE PHOTOS OF THE SCREEN! My photos are now right-click protected. I am sorry that I had to do it, I have seen my photos in other locations, and although my logo is on most of them, I haven't received credit, given permission nor were they purchased. Please, if you want a specific photo or photos, contact me at Thank you!! I do appreciate that you want to share with others, just give them the links to the pages and they can view the photos!

MVR 2011 Photos will be removed - MVR2012 are in progress! Media disks can be ordered!